Sunday, September 30, 2012 BDSM Paranormal Romance

EXCERPT and a few author's notes from: E.VAMPIRE.COM COMING LATE FALL This novel deals Sexual Deviance, BDSM and the implications of living forever. As a Psychlogogy major, I enjoy incorporating what motivates my characters to behave as they do. While researching for E.Vampire, I was lucky enough to have an unnamed source actually show me what a "public dungeon" looks like. This is a room used by followers of BDSM, it does not mean it is open to the public at large. I was afraid to see it, to be honest, but was very surprised. There will be more about this research in the authors notes at the beginning of the book. The scenes between Dorian and Jennifer in the public dungeon are as accurate as I could make them. The owners of the establishment explained what each item in the room was used for and were cordial as well. E.Vampire is a dating site, which also has a BDSM club. Dorian Taylor is an enigmatic, sexy and tortured soul who meets Jennifer at one of the masked balls e.Vampire throws monthly. He never goes to them until that one night when he sees her. She's a small town farm girl who moved from Maine to Miami and finds on-line dating unsatisfying and even scary. When a co-worker dares her to go to one of these balls, she does, thinking its all make believe. Of course there are no vampires, but she sees a picture of Dorian and can't forget him. When she meets him "a self-admitted thrill-seeker" and owner of one of the largest companies in the world, while he intimidates her, she wants a relationship with him. Dorian's secrets go far beyond his sexual style. He's a real vampire! Together they embark on a highly passionate and soul-wrenching journey as each begins to change the other. Excerpt All at once, she felt paralyzed and hesitated. There was something threatening in the way he said certain things. Was it confidence, arrogance or was he downright dangerous? “Are you afraid of me, Jennifer?” He didn’t smile, nor did he have a playful look in his eye. He was serious. “Yes…and…no.” “Good.” “What’s good? That I’m afraid of you or that I’m not?” “Both.”

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