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BEWITCHED IN TIME (Salem Moon #2.) Excerpt

Chapter 19
The whole world seemed to have melted away, leaving only Gabriel and this girl.
Gabriel felt as if he had been struck in the heart by a bolt of lightning! His mouth dropped open in awe. For the girl standing against the wall, where she’d been pushed by the two young thugs was none other than the girl that he’d envisioned in his dream; the last dream he believed he would ever have before death took him! It was not possible, he thought. And yet, Gabriel knew it was her.
Her black hair was long, straight and shiny, with a slight bluish tint to it which made her eyes all the more memorable.
Ah, those eyes, they would haunt him forever, even if he’d only seen them in the dream. The blue of them was more beautiful than the most majestic sky, tilted ever so slightly up, much like a cats. Her lips were plump, pink and flawless. He could see the small hollow of her throat moving in and out with each hard breath she took as she tried to compose herself and look upon this Good Samaritan.
She was dressed in the fashion of this time, in a sky blue colored tank top and a pair of jean shorts, and sand colored, bejeweled sandals, revealing her perfect breasts, her slender physic, and her toes painted the same color as her tank top. She was for lack of a better word, stunning.
And it came to him from the realm of dreams; her words to him as her long fingers had gently embraced his face “I’ve been waiting a long time for you…”
“She is magnificent, is she not?” Lucien said with lust in his voice.
Gabriel was brought out of his reverie immediately. Oh, how he wished Lucien away, not wanting to share this pinnacle moment with him!
Lily boldly stared at him. Was it recognition he saw in her eyes? She parted her lips as if to speak, but did not.
At once, another face appeared in front of him, belligerent and ugly. The face of the boy called Trevor.
“So, what’s it to you dude?” Trevor asked sarcastically, pushing Gabriel in the chest.
“This is none of your fucking business, pal. Just…walk away.”
“I will not,” Gabriel said standing his ground, determined not to let Trevor or the other boy who he learned was called Nick bully him or these girls.
“Then, I guess we’ll just have to make yah walk away,” Trevor said. “Or, maybe you’ll end up crawlin’ away when we’re done with you,” he laughed.
“Yeah, let’s do him so he has to crawl away!” Nick said.
“Turn your back to them, Gabriel so that the girls do not see what I am about to do,” Lucien instructed.
“No, Lucien. I will handle this matter on my own,” Gabriel did not have to speak this aloud, as Lucien was of course able to read his thoughts.
“You cannot win this, Gabriel. I command you to turn away.”
Gabriel felt what he had that day in the woods; not just the power, but the will to harm, to main and yes, even kill these two boys and enjoy doing it. He became aware that the will of Lucien was rising to the surface, melding with his own and he watched as the smug belligerence on the two boys faces quickly turned to surprise and finally to sheer terror!
Gabriel’s eyes changed to that of the blood rimmed pupils of the wolf. When he opened his mouth to speak, long, canine teeth, dripping with saliva appeared.
“No!” Gabriel said aloud. The two girls looked at him peculiarly.
The vision lasted only mere seconds, but that was enough.
“Oh…my…God!” Trevor said, backing away from the Gabriel in fear, tripping over the curb and into the street where he fell, landing face first, causing a vehicle to come jam on its breaks and come to a screaming halt.
Nick, speechless ran away as fast as his legs would carry him.
When Trevor was able to gain his balance, he stood up to the sound of the motorist calling him a “clumsy idiot” as he stuck up his middle finger and sped away. He dared to look at Gabriel once more and saw nothing out of the ordinary, but his face was still threatening. The pale violet eyes fixed intently on his. Obviously this outsider was in good shape, judging by his muscular physique. Trevor was unsure if his mind had played tricks on him. However, whether an illusion or not, Trevor would be no match for Gabriel in a fight. Perhaps, Lily and Lilac the “witches” used a spell to create what he and Nick and seen.
Whatever the case, he did not look at Gabriel, Lily or Lilac again, but instead ran in the same direction as Nick and was gone.

Chapter 20
Lily openly stared at Gabriel. Her heart raced as her mind filled with more thoughts and emotions than she could possibly process. Her blatant stare made him uneasy.
Lilac on the other hand was looking him over and found him quite pleasing to the eye. God, he’s hot, was her first thought, followed closely by, who the hell is he?
The silence was unbearable to Lilac. She rolled her eyes at them both.
“Oh, brother, will someone say something? No? Alrighty then, I guess I’ll talk.”
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Gabriel what?”
“Gabriel Blackstone.”
“Hmmm, so you’re the distant relative staying with the Blackstone’s?”
“Yes, I guess I am. And what would your name be?” Gabriel asked, stealing glances at Lily who stood next to her friend, arms crossed tightly across her chest, revealing a quite impressive cleavage.
Gabriel had to make a conscious effort not to look at them, his face was flushed with both the effort as well as the disgust he felt for himself for thinking of her in such a disrespectful way.
“My name is Lilac Johnson and this is my friend, Lily Snow.”
He’s a Blackstone! Lily thought. I cannot allow myself to feel anything for him, although she knew that she was lying to herself, she did feel something for him. She couldn’t define exactly what she felt because she was wrapped up in a mêlée of emotions. And at the very corner of her mind, something was nagging at her, the feeling of recognition, but how could that be? Before today she had never laid eyes on him.
Lily Snow! She was a descendant of the Snow’s! Sworn enemies to the Blackstone family many centuries ago! Were they still enemies some three hundred years later? He did not know.
“Read her thoughts, Gabriel,” Lucien whispered.
“I cannot,” Gabriel said to Lucien.
“Of your own accord, you cannot. But I can.”
“I will not intrude on her privacy, to do so would be dishonorable; a rape of the mind. I will not do it, Lucien!”
“Oh, but I will. You mean to control that which you cannot or will not control. I grow in power each day Gabriel and I will know what this lovely thinks of you. I know that you love her and have dreamt of her and I feel something for her as well, whether it is love or desire, I do not know. I am unsure if there is any difference between the two.
“I warn you, Lucien, leave Lily alone! What about the other girl, Lilac? What are your feelings toward her?” Gabriel asked, trying to divert Lucien’s thoughts away from Lily.
“She means nothing to either one of us, but ah she is impish, is she not? I shall have her just for the fun of it. She will be my first taste of the flesh in this decadent century. This girl’s hunger may match my own desire. I am ravenous for it even and I shall do with her as I please.”
“We’re headed down to the beach at Salem Willows. Wanna come with?” Lilac asked.
Still, Gabriel had yet to hear Lily speak and when she finally did, his heart beat even faster than it already was for her voice was as a soft melody to his ears.
“Yes, please join us. I mean…if you want to or do you have…other plans?” Lily stammered.
“No, I have no other plans.”
Lily noticed that Gabriel had a slight accent that sounded like that of an Englishman, although less pronounced as if he had come from England at an early age and been in America ever since. She liked the tone of his voice, the accent and he spoke with the grace of a true gentleman.
“He’s gorgeous. How would it feel to kiss those lips and touch that head of hair and his arms, so muscular and bronzed from the sun? What would it be like to have them wrapped around me? He was at least a head taller and she would be enveloped safely in those arms! I cannot help myself, Blackstone or not, I am attracted to him as I have never been to anyone else.” These were the thoughts Lucien read from Lily’s mind, making Gabriel a witness to them, like it or not. As they walked, Gabriel repeatedly stole glances at her and every time he did, she was looking at him too while Lilac chattered away unceasingly, although neither one of them heard a word she said.
The paperwork that Lily was supposed to pick up at the museum was forgotten that day and for a long time after; paperwork that possessed information that would have been of great importance to Gabriel.

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Top Pick
Salem Moon by Scarlet Black
Published by: World Castle Publishing
Categories: Paranormal/Horror, Contemporary, Erotica
Gabriel Blackstone, son of Salem Village's only veterinarian, was hunting
early one morning when he experienced a totally unexpected feeling; the
ability to kill using only the power of his mind. Gabriel stood, stunned, as
the doe toppled over in front of him, though he hadn't fired his gun. Knowing
that to be labeled as "different" could mean death in these uncertain times,
Gabriel and his father quietly buried the deer, and hoped they could put the
incident behind them. The two men had no idea they were being observed by
two of the Snow brothers, who envied the Blackstone family's land and
wealth, and the Blackstones could never have predicted what would unfold
once their observers accused both Gabriel and his twin sister Abigail of
witchcraft. And being accused of witchcraft in 1692 was no small matter.
Lily Snow was an avid student of history, specifically of Old Salem during the
Witch Trials. Her mentor, the curator of the Witch Museum, had recently
discovered some previously unpublished works, and Lily was eager to look
them over, though her parents disapproved of her course of study. As
practicing members of Wicca, they did not care for the hordes of tourists
coming through to celebrate a brutal era in American history. The centuriesold
feud between the Snows and the Blackstones was also something her
parents did not care to hear about, although it was a historical fact. As Lily
studied her documents, her best friend Lilac came by and convinced Lily to
come into town with her. The two girls walked through town only to be accosted and teased by two village
boys, and everyone was surprised when Gabriel came forward to defend them.
Being both a history buff and serious lover of all things time travel, I really enjoyed this book. The blending of
Lily's historical studies and Gabriel's arrival from that era made for a perfect match, and the disagreements
between the Snows and Blackstones over the years added interest and spice to the storyline. I felt the
characters were realistic and I liked the clear descriptions of Salem, in both Lily's and Gabriel's time periods.
This book captured my attention, and I will be looking for the continuing adventures of these characters.

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Sensuous Writings: Part 3 Romantic/Erotic Fiction vs. Pornography

The single most important question I needed an answer to was: Is this pornography or erotica? That was my question at the meeting. Here are some answers from my notes:

Erotica is literary, an art form in which one uses soft, sensual imagery to arouse or sexually stimulate the reader. Including such elements as foreplay, intimacy and a mutually satifying sexual encounter. It gives the reader the sensation of almost being there. Erotica on its own and as part of a romance involves highly descriptive, artfully done writing to create sensual imagery, which leads up to and includes the sexual act.

Pornography revolves around the sexual event itself. The hard core "Wham Bam, Thank you, Ma'am" scenario. Use of words such as C--T & P---K and other vulgar terms aren't romantic and will usually illicit a repsonse of disgust, not arousal in most woman.

The primary difference between the two is that Pornography has no socially redeeming characteristics and is less artistic than it is degrading; especially toward women.

Still, perceptions are always subjective as to what is pornography and what is erotic.

When writing Romantic ertoica, the looks, feel, perceptions and interactions of the lovers all come into play.

Choosing sensual words as well as the right words to describe male and female anatomy are important in Romantic/Erotica.
The following are examples:
"His brooding eyes were so intense."
"Her low cut blosue exposed the mounds of soft female flesh."
"Her husky voice aroused him, even before he got a glimpse of her silky soft curves.
"The swelling bulge in the front of his faded Levi's left nothing to the imagination."

Choosing words for body parts depends in part on the character's themselves. Words like "His manhoood, his hardness, her soft, fleecy warmth, etc. would be used,along with perhaps,some "street slang" for body parts as well. Some readers like the characters to "talk dirty" to one another.

Believe it or not, there is actually a "Thesaurus" you can use for creative terminology: "The Bald-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke: An Erotic Thesaurus."

Following are excepts from three novels:


"His strong arms captured her, pulling her on top of him. She straddled his waist, feeling his hardness crushing against her. Her body responded to his touch, hungry for more. It had been so long since a man had held her, had been one with her. She wanted Daniel, never wanted this moment to end."

The Wisdom of Evil:

In the bedroom, Michael began to remove his uniform. Glory stopped him.
"Hmmm. You look so good in that uniform. Let me look at you for a minute.”
She looked him up and down, her eyes filled with the hunger of desire.
At six foot, he was much taller than her petite five feet. He was all man with strong, muscular arms, the kind a woman want wrapped tightly around her. His dirty blonde hair was cropped; still damp from the wet snow, his face had the faintest hint of razor stubble. So sexy, she thought. His long eyelashes, set above his hazel-green eyes, full lips and a strong jaw line all added to his sensuality. He was nonchalant about his looks, not seeming to notice just how very irresistible he was, which made him all the more desirable.
“Seen enough? Can I get changed now?” Michael laughed.
“Uh-uh,” Glory shook a finger at him, picking up where she’d left off, unbuttoning his starched blue shirt.
“As good as you look in this uniform…I think it needs to come off, don’t you?” She took off his shirt and threw it aside. Her hands reached for his belt, unbuckled it, slowly, pushing him down onto their bed, taking off his pants.
“Are the kids asleep?” Michael asked, his voice growing husky, with desire.
He loved Glory’s bold sexually, her passion. She was beautiful; no doubt about that, her hair was a stunning mane of dark auburn; shiny and thick. Her deep brown eyes, so very dark glittered in the darkened room.
“Yup. It’s just you an’ me. He-he. Are yah scared?”
“Of you? Always.”

Salem Moon:

As they moved closer to one another, he put his arms gently around her waist, still they were a few inches apart; she placed her hands on his shoulders, both of them moving in a slow, deliciousness toward one another. Gabriel tenderly pulled her to him. They looked into one another’s eyes, their lips no more than an inch apart, their breathing shallow, both of their hearts racing with anticipation. He leaned in and gently kissed her mouth, savoring the sweetness of it. Slowly, so slowly his lips brushed hers in a whisper of a kiss.
He tightened his arms around her waist, until their bodies were melded as one and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, wanting his mouth fully upon hers. She put her hands on his face, her touch on his cheeks soft and warm and electrifying all at once. His mouth came down on hers, hard, demanding. She kissed him back, matching his desire.
The passion of it was indescribable! Gabriel was helpless to resist. He felt so many unfamiliar feelings, both emotionally and physically. He wanted her to be one with him always and his loins burned fiercely with a most delicious heat.
He reached up, cupping her face, just as she held his, never once breaking apart from one another’s mouth as their kiss grew deeper. Body against body, mouth against mouth, and at an even deeper level; a depth neither of them had ever experienced; their very souls intertwining, becoming one; the inherent beauty of it; that which was like nothing else in the entire world; the magic of that first kiss!

My own style of storytelling is one of descriptive narrative. That's why I like the Romance/Erotica genre. Even though,most of the scenes I write are sensuous in nature, I do have some scenarios with the monstrously beautiful and seductive,Fallen Angel, Lucien, that are far more graphic. As I said, it depends on the character. Lucien's nature is lustful, so I can include more explicit sexual scenes.

Now that I have completed the Sensuous Writing Blog, I hope you will excuse me, I have to go get a glass of cold water...with ice!

Best regards,
Scarlet Black

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Sensuous Writings Meeting Part 1 of 3

Hi All!

Welcome. I wanted to share with you some of the topics discussed at the meeting. (No, it wasn't all about sex!) Damn!

There was a lot of talk about the importance of such things as choosing a publisher. Right now, according to some of the editors/publishers present at the meeting, it is a writer's market out there. There is a place for every well written book out there. It is the writer's job to find that place.

Of utmost important is finding the right publisher. They do become like family. You should feel that way about your publisher. They make us happy (and they are just as happy to give us that first contract to sign or the mock book cover to review!) They picture us doing the happy dance and they love that they were the cause of such happiness!  Happy writers, write better! They want to please their publisher for believing in them. A good publisher wants you to stay with them for years.

I 've found my family at HELLFIRE. I love everyone involved in the company. We root for one another and our Exec. editor is always there for us, no matter what we need!

Watch for part 2: The importance of the right Book Cover, Blurb and yes the Dedication/Acknoweldgement page and your assigned editor's role in bringing the book to fruition. Why these are critical to a books success!

Part 3  Tips given on writing erotica. I learned some things there, let me tell yah!

Best regards always,

Scarlet Black