Sunday, September 18, 2011


Top Pick
Salem Moon by Scarlet Black
Published by: World Castle Publishing
Categories: Paranormal/Horror, Contemporary, Erotica
Gabriel Blackstone, son of Salem Village's only veterinarian, was hunting
early one morning when he experienced a totally unexpected feeling; the
ability to kill using only the power of his mind. Gabriel stood, stunned, as
the doe toppled over in front of him, though he hadn't fired his gun. Knowing
that to be labeled as "different" could mean death in these uncertain times,
Gabriel and his father quietly buried the deer, and hoped they could put the
incident behind them. The two men had no idea they were being observed by
two of the Snow brothers, who envied the Blackstone family's land and
wealth, and the Blackstones could never have predicted what would unfold
once their observers accused both Gabriel and his twin sister Abigail of
witchcraft. And being accused of witchcraft in 1692 was no small matter.
Lily Snow was an avid student of history, specifically of Old Salem during the
Witch Trials. Her mentor, the curator of the Witch Museum, had recently
discovered some previously unpublished works, and Lily was eager to look
them over, though her parents disapproved of her course of study. As
practicing members of Wicca, they did not care for the hordes of tourists
coming through to celebrate a brutal era in American history. The centuriesold
feud between the Snows and the Blackstones was also something her
parents did not care to hear about, although it was a historical fact. As Lily
studied her documents, her best friend Lilac came by and convinced Lily to
come into town with her. The two girls walked through town only to be accosted and teased by two village
boys, and everyone was surprised when Gabriel came forward to defend them.
Being both a history buff and serious lover of all things time travel, I really enjoyed this book. The blending of
Lily's historical studies and Gabriel's arrival from that era made for a perfect match, and the disagreements
between the Snows and Blackstones over the years added interest and spice to the storyline. I felt the
characters were realistic and I liked the clear descriptions of Salem, in both Lily's and Gabriel's time periods.
This book captured my attention, and I will be looking for the continuing adventures of these characters.

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