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THE LAST GIFT:COPYRIGHT:Scarlet Black, 1st Edition November 29,2012 ASIN: B00AG1KOZ4 THIS NOVELLA DEALS WITH SENSITIVE SUBJECT MATTER: CHILD ABUSE AND ADOPTION ISSUES. SYNOPSIS:. A Non-fiction Christmas Memoir: As the only daughter of two alcoholics, Deborah grew up both emotionally and physically abused. When Deborah married Keith, her mother in took an immediate dislike to her. Keith was an only child and she'd taken him away. And she was was from the wrong side of the tracks. Over time, these two women develop an extraordinary, once in a lifetime friendship. But Jean has an enormous secret she’s kept for over forty years, one that is about to be revealed. Will this shocking revelation tear this family and friendship apart? EXCERPT: “Well, let’s put some Christmas lights on. After all, it’s a tradition.” Keith plugged in the tree and the outside lights as well. Elaine and I stood at the sliding glass doors arm and arm in the very same spot Jean and I had stood only days before. We watched the lights glimmer across the snowy landscape. I remembered watching those teenagers playing in the snow on the day we dealt with the ultimate sorrow. Life really does go on. Keeping traditions was still important even when your heart was breaking. And that is just how it should be. NOW AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT: AMAZON.COM and AMAZON.UK.COM FOR KINDLE, I-PAD,I-PHONE,ANDROID DEVICES AS WELL AS PC -Best regards, Scarlet Black

Sunday, September 30, 2012 BDSM Paranormal Romance

EXCERPT and a few author's notes from: E.VAMPIRE.COM COMING LATE FALL This novel deals Sexual Deviance, BDSM and the implications of living forever. As a Psychlogogy major, I enjoy incorporating what motivates my characters to behave as they do. While researching for E.Vampire, I was lucky enough to have an unnamed source actually show me what a "public dungeon" looks like. This is a room used by followers of BDSM, it does not mean it is open to the public at large. I was afraid to see it, to be honest, but was very surprised. There will be more about this research in the authors notes at the beginning of the book. The scenes between Dorian and Jennifer in the public dungeon are as accurate as I could make them. The owners of the establishment explained what each item in the room was used for and were cordial as well. E.Vampire is a dating site, which also has a BDSM club. Dorian Taylor is an enigmatic, sexy and tortured soul who meets Jennifer at one of the masked balls e.Vampire throws monthly. He never goes to them until that one night when he sees her. She's a small town farm girl who moved from Maine to Miami and finds on-line dating unsatisfying and even scary. When a co-worker dares her to go to one of these balls, she does, thinking its all make believe. Of course there are no vampires, but she sees a picture of Dorian and can't forget him. When she meets him "a self-admitted thrill-seeker" and owner of one of the largest companies in the world, while he intimidates her, she wants a relationship with him. Dorian's secrets go far beyond his sexual style. He's a real vampire! Together they embark on a highly passionate and soul-wrenching journey as each begins to change the other. Excerpt All at once, she felt paralyzed and hesitated. There was something threatening in the way he said certain things. Was it confidence, arrogance or was he downright dangerous? “Are you afraid of me, Jennifer?” He didn’t smile, nor did he have a playful look in his eye. He was serious. “Yes…and…no.” “Good.” “What’s good? That I’m afraid of you or that I’m not?” “Both.”

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excerpt from THE WISDOM OF EVIL

The Wisdom of Evil: In the bedroom, Michael began to remove his uniform. Glory stopped him. "Hmmm. You look so good in that uniform. Let me look at you for a minute.” She looked him up and down, her eyes filled with the hunger of desire. At six foot, he was much taller than her petite five feet. He was all man with strong, muscular arms, the kind a woman want wrapped tightly around her. His dirty blonde hair was cropped; still damp from the wet snow, his face had the faintest hint of razor stubble. So sexy, she thought. His long eyelashes, set above his hazel-green eyes, full lips and a strong jaw line all added to his sensuality. He was nonchalant about his looks, not seeming to notice just how very irresistible he was, which made him all the more desirable. “Seen enough? Can I get changed now?” Michael laughed. “Uh-uh,” Glory shook a finger at him, picking up where she’d left off, unbuttoning his starched blue shirt. “As good as you look in this uniform…I think it needs to come off, don’t you?” She took off his shirt and threw it aside. Her hands reached for his belt, unbuckled it, slowly, pushing him down onto their bed, taking off his pants. “Are the kids asleep?” Michael asked, his voice growing husky, with desire. He loved Glory’s bold sexually, her passion. She was beautiful; no doubt about that, her hair was a stunning mane of dark auburn; shiny and thick. Her deep brown eyes, so very dark glittered in the darkened room. “Yup. It’s just you an’ me. He-he. Are yah scared?” “Of you? Always.”

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PURITY (Salem Moon book #2) Excerpt Chap 5

Chapter 5
There were three of them in all. Between them, they stood on each side of Lucien, silent, waiting for him to speak. He was their leader. How foolish Gabriel and Lily were to assume he had no allies, for the Fallen themselves grew in numbers, year after year, century upon century as mankind sinned. They had their purpose and in this new millennium, could become more powerful than anything in the real or spiritual world.
“You may ask your questions as you will, my brethren.” Lucien turned to face them as they stood together. Only one came forward.
“Has the deed been accomplished then?” The voice belonged to Jax, his right-hand minion.
Jax was as old as Lucien himself. However, he didn’t resemble him in the least. He was bronze-skinned and very muscular. Long locks of straight, jet black hair flowed to his shoulders, complimented by eyes that were as black as coal and yet, held the light in them; the gold dust glitter appeared on his body as well and upon his wings. Where Lucien’s wings were white, Jax’s were jet black with a bluish tint throughout. As was true of all angels, he was uniquely branded with a tattoo on his right forearm, words in the very alphabet of heaven itself, which revealed their true names. The ones given to them by God upon their creation.
These tattoos were sacred, the names unknown among men. The Fallen and the Pure both had them. What was known in the current century as “nicknames” were used when they were in the presence of human beings.
To know an angel’s real name gave that person power over the entity; therefore, they held their true names close to them.
With his alluringly dark looks and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans, a chain hanging from a belt loop at the side pocket, and a dagger encrusted with rubies, onyx, and diamonds fastened by a leather band around his waist, he was the perfect angel for this age. He was first and foremost a warrior.
“Yes, it has been done. I planted my seed deep within her,” he lied. He couldn’t bear to tell them the truth. That he’d failed. He knew he could’ve impregnated her if he chose, but he simply didn’t.
“Did she come to you willingly then? Of course, it makes no difference to us how the deed was done, only of the power we shall have with such a child. The original offspring of the union of the righteous Seth and the unrighteous descendants of Cain! We would no longer be forced to hide in the shadows.”
Lucien turned away from Jax and said nothing.
“That is the legend; we do not know where these creatures truly originated.” A deep, husky voice echoed in the darkness.
“Why must you darken this hour with your endless negativity, Evangeline?” Jax frowned in disapproval.
Evangeline was one of the darkest and most evil angels of all. Holding no compassion whatsoever for anyone or anything, her heart did not quicken for any reason. She was the killer of the innocent, sucking the very life out of infants themselves before, during, and after birth. Putting her lips to their tiny mouths, she drew the breath out of them. She left many a mother in the worst misery imaginable with no idea of what had happened to their precious child.
Hers was a turbulent beauty. Her eyes dark, lashes long and spiky, her hair the color of crimson, her lips the brightest of red. She wore a gown of blood-red velvet. Around her neck was a chain made up of many tiny skulls so numerous they all but obliterated the chain itself.
“Because, my brother, I abhor the children of men. Why should we hope a child born of an angel and a daughter of man shall be any better? Their very nature guarantees ambiguity.”
“Ah, you speak of the Nephilim. The very name that means to fall, to kill, to ruin! It will depend on which side the child chooses; ours or theirs when final judgment comes to mankind.” Jinn joined them in the philosophical debate.
The last of them was Jinn, an angel made of pure fire. He prayed on the wants and desires of man, tempting them with promises of lavish gifts, but delivering nothing. When he was done with his prey, he left them in ruins, taking everything from them, including their souls. He differed from the others, for he did not possess their beauty or grace. Awful to behold, his face was a mangled mass of lumps and oozing sores, filthy hair, and a body covered in a long black robe. He was a depraved being, an eater of souls, and because he relished taking the most wicked among man, the evil doer, whose avarice and depravities were as his own, his body became a twisted, terrifying monument to them all.
These three, loyal to Lucien, were part of a group of seven, those in the top realm of the Fallen in dark contrast to the seven most loved angels of the Bible and myth itself, who stood before God.
Lucien stood brooding, lost deep in thought, his eyes fixated on the spot where he’d released Lily into the void. He wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation between Jax, Evangeline, and Jinn.
“You seem troubled, my brother.” Jax had come to stand beside him.
“No,” he sighed. He concealed his thoughts and what lay in his heart from them. They wouldn’t understand, but Jax saw through his guise nevertheless.
“You…love her. It is true, is it not?”
“That’s utter and total nonsense!” Lucien’s words were hard and angry. His eyes were fierce upon Jax, warning him to question him no further.
“I see,” Jax said quietly. “Where is it that you’ve sent her?”
“I sent her where she needed to go. Back to the Salem of old, but not to sixteen-hundred and ninety-two. Oh no, I sent her to see the truth.”
“The truth about Gabriel…and me.”