Sunday, August 19, 2012

excerpt from THE WISDOM OF EVIL

The Wisdom of Evil: In the bedroom, Michael began to remove his uniform. Glory stopped him. "Hmmm. You look so good in that uniform. Let me look at you for a minute.” She looked him up and down, her eyes filled with the hunger of desire. At six foot, he was much taller than her petite five feet. He was all man with strong, muscular arms, the kind a woman want wrapped tightly around her. His dirty blonde hair was cropped; still damp from the wet snow, his face had the faintest hint of razor stubble. So sexy, she thought. His long eyelashes, set above his hazel-green eyes, full lips and a strong jaw line all added to his sensuality. He was nonchalant about his looks, not seeming to notice just how very irresistible he was, which made him all the more desirable. “Seen enough? Can I get changed now?” Michael laughed. “Uh-uh,” Glory shook a finger at him, picking up where she’d left off, unbuttoning his starched blue shirt. “As good as you look in this uniform…I think it needs to come off, don’t you?” She took off his shirt and threw it aside. Her hands reached for his belt, unbuckled it, slowly, pushing him down onto their bed, taking off his pants. “Are the kids asleep?” Michael asked, his voice growing husky, with desire. He loved Glory’s bold sexually, her passion. She was beautiful; no doubt about that, her hair was a stunning mane of dark auburn; shiny and thick. Her deep brown eyes, so very dark glittered in the darkened room. “Yup. It’s just you an’ me. He-he. Are yah scared?” “Of you? Always.”

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