Sunday, December 29, 2013

Little Black books (excluding eVampirecom) are now available to AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS!

Hi all and Happy Sample Sunday.
There are many excerpts and more on my blog, including classes on using visuals in Romance writing as well as Sensuous writing. I'm happy to share with you all!
Little Black Books Publishing has reduced the price of all books on AMAZON only for the next week. is an International and Bestselling Amazon Kindle. It's quirky, fun, suspenseful and oh so sexy with a hero to die for and a strong heroine as well. More than a Vampire story, you'll find Jennifer and Dorian story compelling. These two are both lost in the world until they find each other. But, it's not quite that easy. With an evil Vampire named Malachi who hold's secrets about Dorian he doesn't even know and enough action to satisfy male readers, why not get this full length 85K word novel for the price!

Bewitched in Time and Purity (The Salem Moon series book #1 & 2) Set in Salem, both past and present this novel is rich in historical facts melded with fiction. Join Gabriel and Lily as they travel through time and back in this Time Travel Romance filled with witches, fallen angels, true love and more! (2011 National Literature award winning series!)

The Wisdom of Evil is a novel that will leave you thinking well after you've finished it. It follows one Maine woman's struggle with Thanatophopia (fear of death) and a changing world. Her husband, Michael is a strong, hot cop who must deal with his wife's issues as well as the escalating crime. When loved ones start dropping like flies, he wonders, is this just his wife's imagination or is something truly supernatural at work here.

Best regards and Happy New Year!

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