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A short excerpt from the beginning of available EVERYWHERE! Amazon, Barnes&Noble, All Romance e-books (ARE), Diesel,Smashwords and more! ONLY $1.99 for this full length 86K New Adult Erotic Paranormal Romance with bite and a touch of light and spicy BDSM! "Sexy! Sassy! Scary! Scarlet Black delivers a wonderfully sinful read for both Vampire and Romance lovers alike!"-Goodreads/AmazonUS

This novel contains adult reading material and is not intended for young readers.

Author’s notes and acknowledgements

As a writer I strive to continuously push my limits and go beyond my comfort zone. I definitely did that with this book. The research was quite intense and I learned a lot.
Although, I have a degree in Psychology and attended an entire semester on “Sexual Deviance-Behaviors and Perspectives,” I felt I needed to see an actual dungeon and speak to those who engage in BDSM to bring the novel to life.
With that in mind, I wish to thank the following people for helping to accurately portray some of the scenes in the novel.

T.D. - While I can’t disclose the name of the person who showed me the inside of a real ‘public dungeon,’ a room in an exclusive, member’s only BDSM sex club in Miami, Florida, where the novel takes place, I thank you for the experience.
I was apprehensive (okay terrified) about visiting such a place, but the gracious owner put me at ease, willingly answered all my questions and explained what the various items in the dungeon were and what they were used for. They also showed me the rules they use to ensure safety during BDSM sessions.
I recorded everything I saw and felt while in the club and strived to incorporate it into the scenes at’s club and some of the other erotic scenes as well.

L.E. Savignano- An avid skydiver. Thank you for providing the procedures and terminology as well as describing in great detail what it feels like to jump out of a perfectly good plane. I accompanied the skydiver’s and pilot on the plane with a parachute on my back for safety reasons and watched the jump.


Mission Statement for

To fulfill our member’s fantasies and give them the most exciting sexual experience they’ll ever have!

Rules and Code of Conduct pertaining to all vampires.
# 1: A Release of Liability form must be signed by mortals before engaging in any sexual activity in the dungeons. It’s the responsibility of the vampire to obtain these signatures.
# 2: Agreed upon limits between Dominant and Submissive must be in writing. If a BDSM session goes beyond what is acceptable by, a dungeon monitor reserves the right to intervene and order the participants to cease all activities and leave the room.
# 3: Never cause serious injury or death to any mortal on’s premises.
# 4: Never let a mortal know your true nature.
Exception to Rule #4: Applies to vampire’s assistants only. Each must sign a Non-disclosure form. Failure to comply is an offense punishable by death.
# 5: Do not create any new vampires.
# 6: Never kill a mortal who has ties to family and/or friends.
# 7: It’s forbidden to fall in love with a mortal.

Dorian Taylor
CEO, Taylor & Van Ness, Inc.

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